Everyone likes ranking things, especially baseball things

From most hated to acceptable and teams I actually like.

30. Atlanta Barves - You name it, their terrible and copied chant, fans that don't show up and that horrible ballpark. It doesn't help that they have owned the Rockies for years, except for the last couple seasons.

29. Los Angeles Dodgers - Unlimited spending power, and overall just a detestable big market team.

28. Philadelphia Phillies - 2009, and by rule I just dislike Philadelphia sports teams.

27. Arizona Diamondbacks - I don't know why, other than being an NL West team, but I just don't like them.

26. Marlins - Annoying, a terrible owner, hideous ballpark, have 2 WS championships somehow and they own the Rockies. I do hate the Marlins.

25. Chicago Cubs - A team that's received so much attention for their deep "lovable loser" history and Bartman all of which is just nauseating, plus their fans!...and now they are WS champs...just great.

24. Boston Red Sox - Mostly just for 2007, and teams from New England and Boston have had way too much success.

23. San Diego Padres - An irritating team the Rockies have to face like 40 times a season seemingly.

22. Los Angeles Angels - Mike Trout is cool, but that's about it.

21. New York Mets - Big market team and really get a lot of attention mainly because of that reason.

20. Oakland A's - If you can get by the fact that most of their fans are also Raiders fans and play in the Raiders "stadium" then they're not so bad.

19. Detroit Tigers - I don't mind them that much but I'm not a fan either.

18. Royals - Not a fan after they won the WS.

17. Houston Astros - Don't like Houston teams or the city, the Astros have been very bad before a couple seasons ago and yet they still always beat the Rockies somehow.

16. New York Yankees - I really don't dislike the Yankees, yep you read that right. I just look at them as a baseball museum full of history and legendary players that have played for them..they're an iconic team for a reason, but at the same time I'm not going to be rooting for them either.

15. Washington Nationals - Something is annoying about a team that has had so much talent and yet can't get it done in the playoffs at all.

14. St. Louis Cardinals - They're a well run organization and have a stupid amount of WS titles in the last 100 years.

13. San Francisco Giants - Ah yes, that team. Love them or hate them (much more likely on here) you have to admire the way they win in the playoffs, at least I've come to respect them more than dislike them through the years.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates - I don't like or root for them as much as most of PR seems to but I don't mind them either.

11. Milwaukee Brewers - Really no feelings about this team one way or another...but I guess they were kind of fun when Prince Fielder was there and they beat the Dbacks in the playoffs in 2011.

10. Minnesota Twins - Other than supplying the Rockies with players who end up winning batting titles, I can't say much about these guys.

9. Toronto Blue Jays - Not a big Tulo fan so they don't get a bump from that and they'd probably be higher on this list before they went out and spent a bunch of money to try to buy a championship. But they can beat up on the Red Sox and that's a good thing.

8. Chicago White Sox - Two things that come to mind with the White Sox, Hawk Harrelson and Jose Abreu.

7. Cleveland Indians - Even though they blew it and allowed the Cubs to win a WS, I have no bad feelings towards them. I hope they can return and win it this time actually.

6. Cincinnati Reds - Play in a cool ballpark, the Rockies seem to play well against them usually and they don't really have any reasons to dislike them.

5. Tampa Bay Rays - Really used to like this team back when Joe Maddon was managing there, they had a very solid team that gave the Red Sox trouble.

4. Texas Rangers - Wanted to see them win that WS a few years ago, I see some similarities with them and the Rockies and I just kind off pull for them in the AL.

3. Baltimore Orioles - Another AL team I kind of like.

2. Seattle Mariners - I feel for the Mariners, they've been around for almost 40 years and have no championships or even appearances in the World Series to show for that.

1. Colorado Rockies - Well, of course.

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