Ranking the Teams

As a long time lurker on this site this seems like as good of an opportunity as any to introduce myself. This list was much more difficult than I thought it would be, mainly because the middle part could really have been in any order.

1. Colorado Rockies – The Rockies played their first game when I was 9 years old and I still remember watching the first game and how I’ve been hooked ever since. Oddly enough, however, I still remember being a bit upset when my Dad told me about the new expansion team as he had to break the news to me that my beloved Zephyrs would be going away at the same time!

2. Minnesota Twins – My AL team. My grandfather was from Minnesota and so many gifts he gave to me were emblazoned with the Twins logo. Before the Rockies came to town they were my favorite MLB team.

3. Cleveland Indians – Maybe my view of them is somewhat influenced by Major League, but they have had a lot of fun players throughout the years that have made them a fun team to root for.

4. Oakland Athletics – As a Rockies fan I’ve always enjoyed seeing small/mid market teams crashing the party. For several years there was no one who did that better than the A’s.

5. Tampa Bay Rays – Similar to my reasoning for the A’s, it was great fun seeing them be a thorn in the side of the Yankees and Red Sox for a few years.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates – Honestly didn’t really care about them one way or another before the Hurdle/McCutchen era. Once those two guys are no longer wearing black and gold I’ll probably be ambivalent towards them once again.

7. Texas Rangers – They are simply this high because they have been a ‘close but not quite’ team so often lately.

8. Detroit Tigers – I honestly don’t have a reason for putting them in my top 10 other than the fact that I tend to end up pulling for them whenever I randomly catch one of their games.

9. New York Mets – There is something about the "second" teams in New York that I have a soft spot for, whether it’s the Mets, Jets or Islanders, since I feel that their fans are more genuine (albeit often just as annoying) than the fans of the Yankees, Giants or Rangers.

10. Chicago White Sox – Same logic as my Mets ranking, it is too easy to be a Cubs fan, even when they were awful.

11. New York Yankees – I couldn’t put them in my top 10, and while I don’t particularly like the team I have fond memories of watching the great teams of the late 90’s with my Dad, a native Brooklynite who was a huge Yankee fan. Fortunately, even he has seen the light and now is a devoted Rockies fan.

12. Houston Astros – I used to work for a company that was based out of Houston and I liked my coworkers, most of whom were Astros fans. (Yep, justifying my rankings at this point is a bit of a stretch, and beware before reading the next several, my reasoning only gets flimsier before I get to the teams I hate.)

13. Kansas City Royals – If there was a team that was going to bring that city a championship I’m just happy it wasn’t the Chiefs!

14 .Arizona Diamondbacks – I hated them for a long time, but after the repeated idiotic moves of their front office I just pity their fan.

15. Baltimore Orioles – They would have been higher as I have a bit of soft spot for them, but they are docked a few points for giving us Guthrie.

16. San Diego Padres – I feel like I should dislike them more, but they were the Rockies opponent in the greatest game in our history. If the Rockies had lost that game I might feel differently though.

17. Toronto Blue Jays – Really ambivalent about them, but they do a get a slight boost for being Tulo's team.

18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Mike Trout is great, but Angels in the Outfield was a terrible movie.

19. Miami Marlins – A team that probably shouldn’t even exist. There are several cities that would be better for an MLB than Miami, it stinks they have a new stadium because I would love for them move.

20. Washington Nationals – I think they must have given the halftime speech to the Falcons in the Super Bowl, because no one chokes better than these guys.

21. Milwaukee Brewers – No problem with the team, just Ryan Braun. I will never forget how he trashed the reputation of an innocent man to cover his own cheating.

22. Atlanta Braves – The tomahawk chop is one of the most annoying things in sports. I did love watching Greg Maddux pitch though.

23. Cincinnati Reds – Unlike their brethren from northern Ohio, I’ve always found their teams very hard to like.

24. St. Louis Cardinals – Their fans have a definite sense of entitlement that can get annoying.

25. Seattle Mariners – I honestly cannot explain this one, but I’ve never really liked the team, even though they have had some players that I thoroughly enjoyed watching over the years.

26. Philadelphia Phillies – It has always annoyed me how much their power hitters have been gushed over in the media even though they play in such a tiny stadium; while all Rockies hitters are immediately ignored because of their environs.

27. Chicago Cubs – The loveable losers thing was mildly annoying, but much worse is all the ‘fans’ who act like their suffering is over and they deserve heaps of praise for sticking with the team when most of them probably couldn’t even name 3 players that were on the team 5 years ago.

28. San Francisco Giants – A smug team for a smug city, I definitely want to put them on the bottom of this list, but some of the best baseball conversations I’ve ever had have been with Giants fans.

29. Boston Red Sox – Several years ago my friends and I were having a conversation about the reputation of fans from different cities. Some examples of what we came up with were Philly fans are jerks, LA fans are disloyal glory-seeking jerks, NYC fans are arrogant and so on. For Boston we were very much in agreement about what word described them: whiny. We were having this discussion when basically every Boston team was good and competing for championships. You’d think the whining would have stopped, but it never did. Someone else noted that Boston fans have an inferiority complex, I couldn’t agree more and it is what makes them so easy to dislike. As for the team itself, well 2007 is enough of a reason to hate them.

30. Los Angeles Dodgers – As Rockies fans we are all very accustomed to having our stadium full of opposing fans most nights. I’ve learned to accept this and even embrace the chance to get a chance to chat with those cheering for the other side. However, Dodgers fans seem to relish the opportunity to be as obnoxious as possible when they are at Coors Field. I’ve seen grown men threaten children who happen to be rooting for the home team. While I’m sure good Dodger fans exist, they seem to be an endangered species.

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