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Colorado Rockies spring training injury updates and growing pains

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, March 1

Ian Desmond shows some growing pains at first base for Rockies | Denver Post

At this point it's pretty much expected that Ian Desmond is going to have some issues and growing pains learning how to play first base. No matter how much you practice, game situations will present new obstacles and learning experiences. The question is if he can figure it out in the next month before game start to count.

Arenado, Blackmon, LeMahieu get RBIs vs. Dodgers |

While the games don’t count, it’s still wonderful to have Rockies baseball games at all. yesterday’s game was a pretty prime example of how bad a spring training game could be with four errors and pitchers being allowed to hit their pitch counts for the day regardless of the outcome. The final result wasn’t pretty, but it was baseball.

Dahl sidelined for few days by back soreness |

It wouldn’t be spring training without someone being sore. The hope at this point is that is all it is for David Dahl and that a few days of rest and treatment will be all it takes to get him back into left field for the Rockies. In the meanwhile, we get the treat of Gerardo Parra being the spring trainer starter in left field.