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FanPost Friday: Predicting the Rockies’ Opening Day 25-man roster and lineup

We’ve seen* some baseball at this point. Let’s speculate wildly

Now that we have had a couple of weeks of spring training games, certain storylines are starting to emerge. Will David Dahl be healthy enough for Opening Day? Who is going to win the utility infielder spot, or round out the rotation?

This brings us to out prompt this week:

Who is going to be on the Opening Day 25-man roster for the Colorado Rockies? What will the starting lineup look like?

Part of the fun here is we haven’t had any Rockies games on TV yet (though one or two have been on While we can reasonably assume about 18 of the 25 spots already, there is still some wiggle room on those margins. Further, since we haven’t seen Bud Black fill out a lineup card in a regular season game yet, we aren’t too sure how he’s going to create the batting order.

While we wait for games to actually watch, and in anticipation of the real games to come, let’s speculate wildly. Write up a FanPost with the full 25-man roster. While you don’t need to justify every player (we can safely assume players like Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu, and Carlos Gonzalez will be in there), make sure you defend your reasoning for those final roster spots.

Then, fill out the lineup card for that first game in Milwaukee on April 3. This can be your ideal lineup or what you think Black will actually do, but be sure to let us know.

Don’t forget to include “FPF” in the title. We’ll tally the results and decide who Purple Row thinks will be on that 25-man roster and what the Opening Day lineup will be.

Start your FanPost today!