FPF: Opening Day!

I can agree with the thought process that was put forward that we likely know quite a bit about the opening day roster already. The speculation on the back end though is going to be a lot of fun.

Starting out I am going with the absolute locks. These players only are not there if they are injured or captured by aliens


Tom Murphy

Tony Wolters


Nolan Arenado

DJ LeMahieu

Trevor Story

Ian Desmond


Carlos Gonzalez

Geraldo Parra

David Dahl

Charlie Blackmon


John Gray

Tyler Anderson

Tyler Chattwood

Chad Bettis


Mike Dunn

Jake McGee

Jason Motte

Scott Oberg

Adam Ottinavino

That puts me at 18 players total (I think I am missing relief pitchers who should be in automatically, but I don't think that anyone else is 100% guaranteed a spot). So with this I have 7 spots. I think that we carry 8 relievers as we start the season out with 14 games before a nice break with a 2 game series bracketed with 2 off days where we see the first likely shake up. With that I think the other 4 pitcher spots (1 starter, 3 relievers) are:


German Marquez - this is me hoping. I find something intriguing about German and I want him to earn this spot through a solid spring where he is in the Majors and now is giving us a really strong 5th starter. And with this if he wins the spot I feel strongly Hoffman ends up in the majors soon anyway when the inevitable happens and we need to go to our depth.


Chad Qualls - Veteranness wins the day. He has been there and done that and it is entirely possible that he wins this spot because he knows enough to be effective.

Chris Rusin - I really like Rusin. I also think he gives us a ton of value from his skill set here. He makes a very nice long man who can spot start and if he is in the majors I really think he gives us some flexibility. He also could satisfy the need of many managers (Black included I think) to have the right matchups more often.

Rest of the Bench (3 players)

Jordan Patterson - I think he is our actual 4th outfielder in front of Parra. He hits at every level and from what I understand plays serviceable defense in the corner spots for our OF and enough 1B to fill in.

Alexi Amarista - This is a, "Who is the best of some choices I don't want to make" situation. Amarista will be fine as he falls in behind other players (Desmond) if injury really hits and fills in occasionally to give other players an off day. Though I would be more creative going with...

Mark Reynolds - And I would do this with the intention of having him play 1B and use Desmond as a super sub. I think this one move makes our depth really amazing for the team.

Opening Day Lineup







Murphy or Wolters really don't care



Gray should be the opening day guy. He needs that mentality of "THIS IS MY JOB" because we need him to be that amazing to have a real chance this season.

While I want Reynolds playing, I want to start out with Desmond giving Reynolds his first day off. Day 2, I sit Cargo or Dahl or someone else and let Reynolds play 1B. I would want to literally rotate Desmond through every spot he can play and give each and every player a day off every 7 days. They talk about the grind in MLB and now you have a player who is good enough at enough positions to fill in and help take some of the grind away, lets do it!

I also swap catchers every 2-3 games. I think that while they have different skilsets, if we almost 50/50 it through the season you end up with 2 catchers who are not just dragging at the end of the season.

That's my thought. Lets just hope no matter what this is a great Rockies season!

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