FPF 25 OD roster-My heart goes out to you Chad.

In baseball roster construction is not about putting the best 25 men on your MLB team! Reasons are because over the course of 162 games there will be injuries and some players will develop a lack of production that wasn’t expected. For example; In 2015 Drew Stubbs exceeded his expected horribleness. Another reason is the development of prospects. It is better to have a prospect to have every day at bats in AAA than to be on the bench in the MLB or to have high leverage AAA innings for a reliever than to have mop up time in MLB. In my opinion a case in point was at catcher last year. I think the Rockies more valued Tom Murphy over Tony Wolters because they gave him more regular playing time in AAA. That said someone like Scott Oberg who dominated in high leverage AAA situations would be somebody I like to see further develop in a mop up role. From my understanding is that Bridich puts together the OD 25 man roster with a view to get through the first 3rd of the season which explains why Drew Stubbs lasted so long in 2015. It could have been that Stubbs started the season in a slump and in a small sample size was not that big of a deal but when reevaluation came up at around the third point of the season it was obvious that a change was needed. Though there may be better guys in AAA than the guys on your bench, the starters should be the best you have. That is why after a month (service time also played a role) it was obvious that Nolan Arenado was a better 3rd baseman than Chris Nelson and there was no need to wait till the third part of the season reevaluation to make a move. Also a team want the 5 best starting pitchers to be in the rotation except in the case where a pitcher can greatly benefit from facing AAA hitters to work out some flaws.

Now to get to the 2017 25 man roster,

Starting Positions Players (these are the best)

1B: Ian Desmond: Jack of all trades master of none. I don’t know if he is the best first baseman on the team but he is one of the best 7 players on the team and therefore gets to play 1B.

2B: D. J. LeMahieu: Annually he is in consideration for the All-Star team.

SS: Trevor Story: He is the best SS on the team. Sometimes people dis his defense but I believe it is under rated.

3B: Nolan Arenado: If he continues to play at this level for 4 or 5 more years, he may be in the Greatest Of All Time discussion.

LF: David Dahl: Unless he is injured in which case this is Geraldo Parra.

CF: Charlie Blackmon: He is an above average CF and is probably one of the better leadoff hitters in the league.

RF: Carlos Gonzalez: I think for him to be as good as he is capable of being; he needs to be on another team. He needs to lay off of pitcher that are low and away especially from a LH pitcher.

C: Tom Murphy: Like I said in my preface, I think the Rockies showed that they liked Murphy more than Wolters by having him be the primary catcher in AAA. That said, Wolter ceases to amaze with his natural ability and I have them as pretty equal. They both will see a lot of action.


Gerardo Parra: I’ve been saying this for some time that Parra is a really good 4th OF. The reason why is because he can play all 3 positions defensively. He also is a veteran that will not lose hitting ability by having inconsistent at bats. (see Christhian Adames) A team generally wants a DH to be a little aggressive and nobody can say that Parra isn’t aggressive.

Mark Reynolds: Again a veteran that isn’t going to lose hitting ability by inconsistent ABs. He is also the best 1B on the team which gives Desmond the ability to move around if needed.

Alexi Amarista: I think Adames and Valaika are is a better players but Amarista is more versatile and is a better base runner. I think you’ll see Bud Black use him in close late games as a PR. Valaika is one of those guys that I’d rather see get every day opportunities than be a bench player.

Adames will be DFAd and traded if possible. If he clears waivers Albuquerque fans should be happy.

OD Line up

Blackmon L

LeMahieu R

Cargo L

Arenado R

Desmond R

Dahl/Parra L

Story R

Murphy R

Gray R

Starting Pitching

John Gray: Is the ace of the staff and looks to get better.

Tyler Anderson: A crafty lefty that is incredibly hard to square up.

Tyler Chatwood: He is bringing back his curveball. Home/Road splits were wearisome.

Chad Bettis: Not great. Not bad. Solid MLB pitcher. Well on hearing the sad cancer news I don’t know how a person can pitch and have chemo. Hope the best. I’ll put Freeland in this spot.

Jeff Hoffman: Do the Rockies want him to work out the wrinkles in AAA? That is the only question otherwise you might see Senzatela or Freeland here.

Relief Pitching (this is where things get crazy)

Closer: Adam Ottovino: He is the best in my opinion.

Set up #1: Mike Dunn: A lefty that is also good against righties.

Set up #2: Greg Holland: Will is velocity come back? Yes, then he will be closer. No, then this spot might be tenuous.

Middle reliever #1: Jake McGee: He’ll either do it or not. Will the real Jake McGee please stand up. If McGee is DFAd and clears waivers then the Rockies would be responsible for 1/6 of his salary or a little over a million and therefore a poor ST might necessitate this.

Middle reliever #2: Jason Motte or Chad Qualls: I think it is debatable of which one is better than the other. It could come down to which one is more tradable. I don’t think either one will be DFAd.

Mop up Middle reliever #3: Scott Oberg: I gave my reasons in the preface. In the case that neither Motte nor Qualls are traded than this spot goes to them.

Long man #1: Chris Rusin: He might even end up as the 5th starter if they decide that Hoffman needs more time but I don’t think so.

Long man #2: Antonio Senzatela: It comes down to development and whether the player can develop more as a long man in MLB or as a AAA starter? In this case I think it’s the former. Keep in mind that a long man is used many times when a starter struggles and so this time would be non-high leverage situations. Jordan Lyles has an uphill battle to make this team and the development benefit for Senzatela causes Lyles to be DFAd.

There you have it. And for an extra bonus I put my latest projections after this.

Colorado Rockies Isotopes Yard Goats JetHawks Asheville Tourists
Starter #1 Gray, Jon Marquez, German Almonte, Yency Lambert, Peter Riley Pint
Starter #2 Anderson, Tyler Evan Grills Howard, Sam Killian, Trey Robert Tyler
Starter #3 Chatwood, Tyler Musgrave, Harrison Castellani, Ryan Hill, David Javier Medina
Starter #4 Freeland, Kyle Jemiola, Zachary Wynkoop, Jack Ty Culbreth Luis Guzman
Starter #5 Hoffman, Jeff Ryan Carpenter French, Parker Tinoco, Jesus Antonio Santos
Reliever #1 Senzatela, Antonio Estevez, Carlos James Farris Kenny Oakley Matt Dennis
Reliever #2 Rusin, Chris Carle, Shane Balog, Alex Cozart, Logan Juan Pena
Reliever #3 McGee, Jake Oberg, Scott Rodriguez, Helmis Ben Bowden Michael Zimmerman
Reliever #4 Qualls, Chad Gonzalez, Rayan Polanco, Carlos Alexander Guillen Julian Fernandez
Reliever #5 Ottavino, Adam Moll, Sam Wade, Konner Salvador Justo Justin Lawrence
Reliever #6 Mike Dunn Carasiti, Matt Pierpont, Matt Colin Welmon Brandon Gold
Reliever #7 Motte, Jason Diaz, Jairo Vasto, Jerry Schlitter, Craig Cristian Quintin
Greg Holland Castro, Miguel Neiman, Troy Sam Thoele Mike Nikorak
Catcher #1 Murphy, Tom Garneau, Dustin Nunez, Dom Rabago, Chris Brian Serven
Catcher #2 Wolters, Tony Anthony Bemboom Vazquez, Jan Marte, Hamlet Joel Diaz
1st Base Ian Desmond Patterson, Jordan Prime, Correlle Mundell, Brian Jacob Bosiokovic
2nd Base LeMahieu, DJ Daniel Castro Benjamin, Michael Wall, Forrest Herrera, Carlos
Short Stop Story, Trevor Valaika, Patrick Jimenez, Emerson Rodgers, Brendan Garrett Hampson
3rd Base Arenado, Nolan Rafael Ynoa McMahon, Ryan Nevin, Tyler Colton Welker
Left Field David Dahl Stephen Cardullo Rogers, Wes Daza, Yonathan Willie Abreu
Center Field Blackmon, Charlie Tauchman, Michael Carrizales, Omar Mylz Jones Pedro Gonzalez
Right Field Gonzalez, Carlos Tapia, Raimel White, Max Hilliard, Sam Manuel Melendez
Bench #1 Graeter, Ashley Weeks, Drew McClure, Terry Luis Castro
Bench #2 Mark Reynolds Osborne, Zach Jean, Luis Stein, Troy Taylor Snyder
Bench #3 Parra, Gerardo Noel Cuevas Fuentes, Josh George, Max Vince Fernandez
Bench #4 Alexi Amarista Jose Gomez

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