FPF OD Roster and Lineup (aka - Ode to Chettis)

C - Murphy/Wolters

1. Desmond

2. LeMahieu

SS. Story

3. Arenado

LF. Dahl/Parra

CF. Blackmon

RF. Cargo

B. Alexi Amarista

B. Jordan Patterson

B. Mark Reynolds

SP. Gray

SP. Anderson

SP. Chatwood

SP. Freeland

SP. Hoffman

RP. Senzatela

RP. Motte

RP. Estevez

RP. McGee

RP. Holland

RP. Dunn

RP. Otto

So I'm starting the season with Rusin and Bettis on the DL. I'm "guessing" that Dahl will be back and active, but certainly platooning with Parra for at least a month. I'm also carrying 13 offensive players and 12 pitchers since we start on the road. This could quickly shift t0 12 > 13.

OD Lineup

1. Blackmon

2. LeMahieu

3. Cargo

4. Arenado

5. Desmond

6. Story

7. Parra

8. Wolters (Murphy frequently)

9. Gray

Going Parra over Dahl and Wolters over Murphy OD because I'm project Zach Davies as the Brewers SP.

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