Yes, 2016 was a lost year. Yes, he is 36. Rox need good clubhouse guys. Deno was heart and hustle award winner two years in San Diego, beloved by Padres (Reds, Cubs) fans and all players who play and know the game. He plays it right. Look at his major league stats and experience. For those those that don't recall look how he does against the Giants, Arizona and the damage he did to us back in the day. He played 2015 - with a sore back on the Cubs and was very solid. I don't think fans in CO know enough on Deno. To want some of these young guys - who'd be better playing everyday versus being the 4/5 OFer is wrong in my view. Coming off the bench is a different skill set , mentally and ability wise. Deno plays all 3 spots in the OF and owns a .270 BA and solid D in a decade of playing, that cannot go ignored. I will stand alone but correctly - after the first two months of the season. BA is low but off of 22 at bats, ob % is solid, 3 SB, some nice defense already and leadership in the clubhouse - he will make opening day and he will have a role all year.

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