FPF: Who will make the Opening day roster

Note: I'm not going to include the injured players that I don't think will be back in time. I wish Chad well in his recovery.

SP: Gray, Anderson, Chatwood, Marquez, Hoffman

I was thinking Marquez would beat Hoffman for the fifth spot, but now there's two open spots. :( Also, I really like Rusin better in the pen and Black said he doubts Rusin can work up his pitch count enough before spring ends.

High leverage BP:

Otto- He is the closer until he isn't

Holland- Setup #1

Dunn- Setup #2

The Other BP guys:

Mcgee- He could easily move back into a high leverage role, and I heard somewhere that he hit 98mph in the WBC.


Rusin- Long man #1.

Senza- Long man #2. Black seems to like him and he has done well so far in Spring.

Esteves- I still really like him, some people seem to have given up on him.

Yes, I did leave out both Qualls and Motte on purpose. This gives me 13 pitchers.


1. Blackmon CF

2. Dj 2B

3. Cargo RF

4. Nolan 3B

5. Story SS

6. Reynolds 1B

7. Patterson LF

8. Wolters C

This is not as good as it was two weeks ago.





Amarista- Who I'm starting to like more

I think that's 25 but I Only have 10 fingers.

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