The Bullpen battle. So far this Spring.

The studs

Dunn: He has had an excellent spring 5 IP 0.20 WHIP 0.00 ERA, He looks to be a bullpen asset

Holland. One appearance but he was decent hit 95 so that is good. Maybe he can add a couple ticks in velocity between now and OD. Bullpen asset

Ottovino. Other than the day he only through offspeed pitches, he has been excellent.

Wait and see

McGee. Reports are that he has his velocity back and if true could be a stud.

Qualls. He had two good outings before injury. He worked on increasing velocity over the winter. But there really isn’t anything to say that he is better or worse than he was in 2016.

Rusin. He had a couple good outings before his injury. He should be back soon but is he better, the same, or worse IDK

Surprisingly good.

C. C. Lee. 5 appearances, 3.1 innings, 0 runs allowed, .091 average against 0.90 WHIP, He’s done everything asked of him.

Zach Jemiola. Is he a starter or did the convert him? 4 appearances, 7 IP, 0 runs allowed, .087 Avg against, 0.43 WHIP. True most of his inning came late against minor leaguers but dang he has been good.

Jury still out.

Oberg. 5.1 IP. 3.38 ERA 1.50 WHIP

Estevez. 5.0 IP. 3.60 ERA. 1.00 WHIP

Carasiti. 3.2 IP. 2.45 ERA 2.18 WHIP

They be bad! Not the good bad either.

Lyles. 5.2 IP, 9.53 ERA, 1.94 WHIP

Motte. 4.0 IP, 13.50 ERA, 2.50 WHIP He got blew up in a minor league game too.

Vasto. 2.1 IP. 7.71 ERA, 2.57 WHIP

Carle. 4.1 IP, 10.38 ERA, 2.77 WHIP

Spring Training is Spring Training so take stats with a grain of salt but that said jobs are on the line. Motte and Lyles has to get their act together here shortly or else they will be gone. I know people want to get rid of Qualls but so far he has done nothing to put him off the team, nothing to make a case for himself either so he too must do well here shortly if he wants to be a Rockies in 2017. I believe there are 5 definites in Dunn, Holland, Ottovino, McGee, and Rusin. The decision will be will Oberg, Estevez, or C. C. Lee take a job or will Qualls, Lyles, or Motte lose their jobs. In addition some starters could become relievers but I think they need to keep starter depth and doubt that will happen.

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