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Ian Desmond injury update: Rockies first baseman expected back in April

Desmond had surgery on Wednesday.

The Colorado Rockies may have finally received some positive injury-related news. Bud Black said the Rockies are now expecting first baseman Ian Desmond to be back in April following surgery on Wednesday, according to Nick Groke of the Denver Post. While the timeline may still change during recovery and rehab, this initial post-surgery timeline is the best case scenario.

Desmond broke the second metatarsal in his left hand on Sunday when he was hit by a pitch against the Cincinnati Reds. On Monday, it was announced that he was going to undergo surgery on to repair the fracture.

Considering the spate of Rockies injuries the past week, having a best case return scenario is only a little consolation. However, Rockies fans will be happy to have any positive news at all.

The Rockies already have a solid backup in camp in Mark Reynolds, but he wouldn’t be able to replace the versatility in the lineup that Desmond was expected to bring.