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FanPost Friday: Biggest worry about the Rockies right now?

As spring training games get underway, what has you nervous about the Rockies?

Spring training games have been going for about few weeks now as teams in the Cactus League and Grapefruit League prepare for the 2017 season. And while the Rockies have so far been mercilessly devoured by the injury bug, there are other questions the team is hoping to answer during spring training, from who will complete the rotation to how the bench will be filled out.

This brings us to out prompt this week:

What is your biggest worry/fear about the Rockies right now?

As fans, we prefer to think good thoughts about our teams. But we are always plagued by that nagging sense of doubt in the back of our minds, no matter how good our team is. In the case of the Rockies, there are even national pundits who think they are on the brink of contention, but what if guys take steps back or Bud Black isn’t the right manager for the job? The farm has been strong but what if that one player busts? Dick Monfort has promised to open up the purse strings but will that TV deal really give the team the cash they need to compete?

Let’s be therapeutic about this and talk it out. Write up a FanPost detailing what has you most worried/nervous/apprehensive/fearful about the Colorado Rockies—whether that’s for the 2017 season or beyond—and we can help one another decide how legitimate it is. This can be about a specific player’s performance or contract, someone in the farm system, front office leadership, or whatever else keeps you up at night about the Rockies.

Don’t forget to include “FPF” in the title. As usual, we’ll round everything into a group therapy session/weekly roundup post next Friday.

Start your FanPost today!