FPF: What worries me about the 2017 season

I am one of the highest riders on the wave of optimism going into this new season. I really do believe the Rockies can compete this year. However with all the optimism I do have a couple of glasses that sometimes make me wonder if the glass really is half empty.

My first worry is injuries. We've already had a rash of them though we are "fortunate" that the only long-term one is Bettis (get well and beat cancer's butt!) but it really scares me that we'll have to end up relying on the young depth to try and stay afloat in the race. I don't think we have any glass cannon types but this spring has already showed that injuries can be total freaks sometimes. I'm worried that too many injuries to key guys will short change the number of wins we get and form a disappointing season, after which I think we'd be harder pressed to keep our near free agents coming up here. They want to win (and they are fair to want that) but another injury filled disappointment will not help us.

The other worry is essentially the same as most of the pundits out there: the pitching. I think that this rotation could end up being one of the best we've ever had, especially at the top. However, the ideas of severe regression (which has happened too often in the past), busts (a la Eddie Butler), or just simply young guys who aren't ready yet but brought up too soon to try and patch a falling apart rotation all worry me. It's enough of a swing that I could see the Rockies winning as many as 95 games or losing 90 if the worst happens.

Though, I think a lot of the worry is just the fear of failure to reach expectations. I'm always optimistic but I haven't had this much optimistic ammunition in a long time, and I think a failed season in 2017 would hurt just about as bad as the 2010 falling short or worse.

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