FPF - What worries me about the Rockies the most?

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At some point in the past I was going through the process to try to become a writer for Purple Row. The process taught me two things. First, when I write something that will be published I like to take a lot of time and really try to understand enough that my points are clear and relevant. Two, that takes way too much time and I had to withdraw from consideration.

One of the articles I wrote was, "What's the Worst that Could Happen?" In the end what I found was that the Rockies simply didn't have the depth to have anything go wrong. Literally. We couldn't absorb an injury to any starter and expect to be even an average team. While I think that we are in significantly better shape now that significantly better shape takes our ceiling to a contending team rather than really raising the floor.

The most critical acquisition of the off-season for the Rockies is Ian Desmond. The general consensus was he was one move of multiple, but I actually think he was a completely independent move to bolster our depth. With him we can absorb losing players like Dahl, Story, LeMahieu, etc for some period of time without a massive drop off in production or defense. While I think the story about him being signed to play first fits in the narrative that players have to have some set position I really believe that his versatility was the reason we signed him for the price we did.

This signing coupled with the re-signing of Reynolds to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training leads me to believe that the Rockies decided first is not a high priority for a top tier bat and they just want useful production and depth. From what has happened so far in spring I think they are happy about having that depth even though it is injured.

What this all comes down to though is we have set up the offense to be productive enough even with injuries that we should contend. Because of that my concern now is that we lose a(nother) front-line starter or that they significantly under perform. At this point that would be John Gray, Tyler Chatwood, or Tyler Anderson. Losing any one of them for an extended period of time would take the depth we already are having to dip into and almost ensure that we are hoping for another .500 season. If we lose or see lower than expected performance from 2 of the 3, it's going to be a long summer unless a surprise happens.

Every year though this feels like the story, we are crossing our fingers that all goes as expected and hoping our young pitchers continue to grow and perform well. Although, this summer my optimism is higher than the past because our pitching looks like it really does have a shot at success.

Here's hoping for health and performance from them all!

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