Fan Post Friday: My Biggest Worry


I love March, April and May. The first third of the season is when I attend the most games, and it's the time of year that I get to talk myself into believing, again, that this could be the Rockies year. Most years, I know I'm deluded, but I get excited anyways. I tell my friends that I know deep down that the Rockies are going to be terrible, but that never stops me from enjoying the walk-offs and the dramatic slugfests.

This year feels different, though. In previous years, I have seen the team wilt in June as their stars end up on the Disabled List, their inevitably terrible pitching gets exposed, and the Ty Wiggintons of the world get regular playing time. This year, their pitching has a chance to be not-terrible, and when the stars end up on the Disabled List, they will be replaced by the likes of Ian Desmond, Raimel Tapia, Gerardo Parra (who, for what it's worth, is worlds better than Ty Wigginton or Johnny Herrera) and other competent major leaguers.

There is one huge worry, but it is a similar worry that most teams have. We have exactly one pitcher in our rotation with more than a year of Major League experience. If youth doesn't serve, we are the same team we have always been. What if Tyler Anderson takes a step back? What if none of our four rookies have success, and we're forced to continue to play two of them at the major league level all year, or even worse, rotate them all through AAA? If the rotation struggles, we are in for yet another season where I'm deluding myself into thinking the Rockies matter.

This rotation has a chance to be better than the one in 2009. If they are, we're looking at a Division contender, almost regardless of the rest of the team. If they're closer to their floor, we're looking at 2012.

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