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FanPost Friday: Five Predictions for 2017

What do you think is going to happen in the 2017 Rockies season?

Spring training is winding down. The World Baseball Classic has come to a close. The 2017 season is almost here.

This is the time that everyone in the world starts making their predictions—apparently the need for content overcomes the risk of looking foolish when baseball eventually baseballs—and putting on their best Carnac impression to tell us what will happen in 2017. But why should they have all the fun?

What are your five predictions for the Colorado Rockies 2017 season?

Be as bold or as timid as you like, but know that part of the rules of preseason predictions is that we all make fun of ourselves in October when we’re inevitably trying to explain why the Braves won the AL West and Barry Bonds comes out of retirement to pitch.

All you need to do is make five predictions for the Rockies in 2017. The more specific you are the more fun it is, but you can be vague if you prefer to try to be right (again, see above). As long as you have five Rockies specific predictions for the 2017 season, you can write up as many other predictions for the 2017 MLB season as you like.

Write up a FanPost with your predictions and be sure to back them up a little bit, too. And include “FPF” in the title. Next week, on the final Friday before the regular season, we’ll round up all the predictions in our weekly FPF recap.

Start your FanPost today!