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Sunday Rockpile: All About Arenado

Rockies news, notes and links for Sunday, March 26th.

What Do Other Baseball Writers Think About Nolan Arenado - RoxPile

This one is from a few days ago, but it’s a pretty interesting read. Nolan Lees from the RoxPile interviews writers for the Orioles and Cubs FanSided sites to discuss Nolan Arenado, Kris Bryant and Manny Machado. Right now, both of the other writers seem to give Arenado though both also suggest that Bryant and Machado have more room to grow. This debate might continue on for the next decade, or at least until Bryant and/or Machado switch positions permanently.

Gimme some glove! Forecasting MLB's best, worst fielders - (Insider)

Scott Spratt from Baseball Info Solutions claims that Nolan Arenado has separated himself from Manny Machado as the best third baseman in Major League Baseball. Tucked inside the article are some other Arenado observations that describe the kinds of plays that he excels at. Yet, he isn’t the only Colorado Rockies player to get some notice. It turns out Carlos Gonzalez was the fourth best right fielder in the league last year in throwing out baserunners without needing a relay man.

Nolan Arenado taught A’s Matt Chapman his defensive skills - SFGate

Susan Slusser drops a tidbit about how A’s top prospect Matt Chatman went to high school with Nolan Arenado. Now that both have gone pro, they work together during the offseason. Meanwhile, I worked to get you to read a San Francisco Giants writer. Enjoy your Sunday.