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FanPost Friday: Best baseball traditions

Which baseball traditions are your favorites—and which need to go the way of the dodo?

When I was a kid and people told me they were “traditional,” I assumed that meant that they were really attached to their Christmas or Hanukkah traditions, which, in my mind, made everyone traditional. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned there’s a difference between traditions that are so simply due to inertia and the ones that have value in and of themselves. Baseball is a perfect example of this.

Inspired by a recent post from Ay_See_Em, we’d like to know:

What are your favorite baseball traditions and why? Which one should get the ax or be brought back?

We’re going with a fairly loose definition of “tradition” here. One things is this does not include actual rules, but it could include Unwritten Rules. You could write about Opening Day traditions, spring training traditions, postseason traditions, or any variety of in-game traditions, whether Rockies-related or otherwise. If you want, you could also add in which tradition needs to be eliminated (aaaannnnddd somebody just started a FanPost on The Wave) or one that needs to be brought back (how about the “GOOOO” from the Rockpile and the “ROCKIES” from the infield stands?).

Once you have a particular tradition in mind, write up a FanPost telling us why it’s great and why it absolutely should be kept—or why it’s terrible and should be abolished along with debit fees and data overages. Include “FPF” in the title and next Friday we’ll collect all these into our weekly FanPost recap.

Start your FanPost today!