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FanPost Friday: Opening Day memories

What are your favorite memories from the Ghosts of Opening Days Past?

It’s been a long winter. It’s also been a long spring training (even though we had the World Baseball Classic to somewhat tide us over). But now that’s all over. On Monday, the Colorado Rockies will play their first regular season MLB games of 2017. Four days later, the home opener, that national holiday for baseball fans and warm weather aficionados alike. We’ve made it.

This week for FanPost Friday, we want to celebrate all that the first home game of the season has meant to this community over the years.

What are your favorite Opening Day memories?

(For our purposes, we’ll include the home opener in Opening Day.)

If you’ve ever been to Opening Day at Coors Field you know that it is probably the biggest party in LoDo every year, so you don’t even need a ticket into the game to enjoy some great memories around the ballpark. But there have been some stunning Opening Day games as well, and with all the pomp and circumstance, the memories made inside the park have been exceptional as well. Since I moved away from Denver, I’ve flown home for Christmas twice, but I haven’t missed an Opening Day since I was a junior in high school. Opening Day is exceptional.

Tell us about your most fond/exciting/strange/beautiful Opening Day memory. The more details here the better: paint the picture for us what the game was like for you and what’s made it stick in your mind so strongly after all these years. Write up a FanPost and include “FPF” in the title. Also, pictures are strongly encouraged!

Next week, before the first pitch of the 2017 season is thrown at Coors Field, we’ll round up all the responses in our weekly FanPost Friday recap.

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