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MLB Opening Day 2017: Purple Dinosaur Podcast previews the Rockies

Tyler and Anthony take an in-depth look the 2017 Rockies and MLB as a whole on this jampacked edition of the Purple Dinocast.

The 2017 Major League Baseball season is upon us which means it is nearly time to stare into the abyss of our own mortality and wonder why we bother caring about anything when love and happiness are fleeting emotions that will consume and destroy us all. Or HEY MAYBE NOT.

The Rockies look like they could be good this year. Seriously. This week on the PDP, we're going long (literally, it's our longest episode ever) with the inimitable Jesse Spector for the national perspective, Bryan Kilpatrick of Purple Row talking Rockies nuts and bolts, and Beyond the Box Score's Travis Sarandos who gives us the view from the other side on the Rockies' season-opening opponent, the Milwaukee Brewers.

We had a ton of fun with this episode. Listen in awe as Anthony goes silent while watching the bees make their assault on Wednesday's Rockies-Padres game, and stick around after the show for arguably our greatest hidden track ever. The season has nearly arrived, and the Joe Beimel edition of the PDP is here! Get pumped!