Nomination for Greatest Comment Ever

Yesterday is was reading through "Major League Trade Rumors" (it's what you do as your Fantasy League Auction nears) and ran across a little article on Jay Bruce and the NYM. The article was attempting to explain/rationalize Bruce's decline post-trade (honestly, he declined to the Bruce "norm."). There was this quote from the article:

Although Bruce batted a paltry .219/.294/.391 in 187 PAs with the Mets last year after joining the club in a deadline trade with the Reds, his rocky off-field transition from Cincinnati to New York didn’t help matters, Nightengale notes. Bruce stayed in six hotels as a Met down the stretch and was apart from his wife and 4-month-old son, who remained in Texas. The three of them will live in an apartment on New York City’s Upper East Side this year, per Bruce.

In response to this, there was comment gold:

Six hotels in one year is nothing.
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention stayed in 200 Motels on one tour — and they had more hits than Jay Bruce….

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