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World Baseball Classic 2017, David Dahl injury the topics of latest Purple Dinosaur Podcast

What's with the disinterest in the WBC? Plus, what are the Rockies going to do to replace an injured David Dahl in the lineup if he misses Opening Day?

A week into spring training, the Rockies have gotten their first hit of bad news. David Dahl's back is a bigger issue than originally thought, threatening to keep the dreamiest Rockies player off the field for possibly the rest of the Cactus League slate. We'll discuss what that means for Colorado's Opening Day roster and who, if anyone, should play instead of Gerardo Parra if Dahl isn't 100 percent healthy by the start of the season.

The World Baseball Classic's fourth installment is here, and Anthony and Tyler break down why people seem to be so averse to it despite their love for things like, you know, every other sport's highest level of international competition.

Plus, we're taking tons of #AskPDPs this week, which you can always submit on Twitter or through the ol' email inbox. A sampling: is bread, once toasted, still bread?

(Yes. Of course it is, you monster.)