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World Baseball Classic 2017 Open Thread: Is the World Baseball Classic good?

How do you feel about the quadrennial tournament?

Today the World Baseball Classic has it’s busiest day yet. Two weeks from now we’ll know whether the Dominican Republic was able to repeat as title holders or if we have a new WBC Champion.

Here’s today’s schedule:

Pool A: Korea v Chinese Taipei, 2:30 am MT in Seoul, South Korea

Pool B: Japan v Australia, 3 am MT in Tokyo, Japan

Pool C: Canada v Dominican Republic, 4 pm MT in Miami, Florida

Pool D: Mexico v Italy, 7 pm MT in Jalisco, Mexico

Pool B: Australia v Cuba, 8 pm MT in Tokyo, Japan

All games are available on and MLB Network (or on an authenticated basis through You can find everything you need to know about the tournament here.

When I talk to baseball fans there seems to be a pretty steep divide on the World Baseball Classic. That’s why I wanted to bring it to the best group of fans I know here at Purple Row.

Is the World Baseball Classic good for baseball or an unwelcome distraction?

There are great arguments in either direction (and we already know how the guys at the Purple Dinosaur Podcast feel about it). Some believe that it’s exactly the thing to grow the game internationally, and perhaps even locally, while others think it’s too big of a risk for our major league stars. There’s also those of the opinion that it falls somewhere in between: serious baseball tournament, but not too serious.

As action kicks off in Pool C and D today, tell us how you feel in general about the World Baseball Classic. Why do you watch it? Why do you not watch it? Why should they continue putting on the tournament or why should they cancel it? Is there a way they can make it better or is it beyond the pale?