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FanPost Friday Recap: Your 5 predictions for 2017

A slew of predictions for the Rockies’ 2017 season.

Prediction time is the final gasp of baseball’s offseason before it truly and fully dies off and games begin to prove all of those predictions wrong. But the guessing game is no less fun because of it. Yesterday, we published the Purple Row staff’s predictions for division and award winners, as well as World Series champions. Many of your predictions for the season are about those things, but predictions of the bold variety also showed up in your FanPosts.

Here are some highlights.


Community member Tyler88 thinks the Rockies will finish second behind the Dodgers in the NL West. Not only that, but he believes the Diamondbacks will finish second. And the Giants?

The giants are going to fall on there face, and I will enjoy it.

As would we all. And, indeed, RoxRock4 echoes this view. They believe that the Rockies could best the Dodgers and take the NL West, it’s more likely that the team will finish ahead of the Giants, whether in the division standings or the Wild Card race.

It’s not all roses for y’all, though. Ozarkbear sees an 82-80 finish, which would give the team its first winning season since 2010, but not nearly enough wins for the postseason. And GoDJ__ThasMyDJ is this week’s parade rainer. They write:

We have another losing season, making it 5 in a row for Nolan Arenado. Hard to imagine him not finding teams closer to home like the Giants or Dodgers more and more intriguing.

Awards and accomplishments

Arimaris tossed out a slew of award predictions. He thinks that at least two Rockies players will win Silver Slugger Awards, he believes a Rockies pitcher will win the Rookie of the Year Award (which means either Kyle Freeland, or Antonio Senzatela, or Germán Márquez), he says that multiple Rockies pitchers will receive Cy Young Award votes, and he thinks that Jon Gray will ultimately take home that award.

And how about a couple no-hitters to go with it all? Tyler88 chimes back in and says that Tyler Anderson will throw a no-hitter, and RoxRock4 thinks it’ll be Gray to get the no-no. How about both? Doing one better in the “extremely specific prediction” category, jrockies predicts that Trevor Story will hit for the cycle—in June. In that same category, RoxRox4 puts Story’s home run total at exactly 40.

As predictions usually go, there’s a mix of optimism and pessimism here. Let’s see what the Rockies really do. And I’ll especially keep an eye on Story in June.

Next week’s FanPost Friday prompt is about Opening Day. What are your favorite Opening Day memories? If we’re talking Opening Day in general, I’d probably go with that one time the Rockies opened on the road in Milwaukee.