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Colorado Rockies valued at $1 billion, according to Forbes

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Think of all the Party Decks that could buy!

Business is booming for baseball. For proof, look no further than the $9 billion in annual revenue and the $4 billion total payrolls. There is one more indicator of said health, and that’s the values of the franchises themselves. In a report released Tuesday, Forbes determined that the average Major League Baseball team is worth $1.54 billion (with a B).

In the past it seemed that the biggest teams were worth a lot of money but the mid-to-small market teams like the Rockies were worth a lot less. That is no longer the case, it would seem. In the report, the Colorado Rockies—and their team record $127 million payroll—were valued at $1 billion, slightly under the league average. Unsurprisingly, the Yankees had the highest value at $3.7 billion, with the Dodgers “just” behind them at $2.75 billion.

The Rockies tend to be in the back of the pack on all indicators, coming in at the 23rd most valuable franchise, 21st in 1-year value change (+16%), 23rd in revenue ($248 million), and 18th in operating income ($26.6 million). They are clearly better off than some of the teams at the bottom, but still are a long way off from the most valuable franchises in baseball.

This valuation comes just a few weeks after the team signed a new 30-year lease on Coors Field, which included a $200 million lease bill as well as the rights to develop the plot of land between Jackson’s and Fado just south of the stadium.