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Rockies week in review with Purple Dinosaur Podcast

The first week of the 2017 season is in the books. Where do the Rockies stand?

Barely over a week into the 2017 campaign, baseball season has come to a close due to the Rockies' first back-to-back losses and Twitter's subsequent reaction. But the good news is they've qualified for a playoff spot, so we'll preview that.

PDP 99 is arguably our most unscripted, meandering, stream-of-consciousness episode, and to be honest, while writing this description, I don't even remember half of what we discussed. The Rockies are 5-3 and took down Clayton Kershaw over the weekend. That's good. I know we talked about that a little bit. They're also not getting much contribution offensively from anyone not named Mark Reynolds or Gerardo Parra. That's less good. We talked about that, too. What happens when David Dahl and Ian Desmond get healthy again? Is life just a futile pursuit of the carrot of happiness dangling forever out of our reach? (Yes.)

Also, we somehow go off into the weeds for about 15 minutes dissecting the Troy Tulowitzki trade (again!) because of last week's deal that sent once-promising flamethrowing flamingo Miguel Castro to the Orioles.

There are some #AskPDP questions in here. Tyler describes how he saw Denny Neagle at the home opener. Anthony talks about Greek Easter. It's really one hell of an episode for the Turk Wendell Edition of the PDP. Enjoy.