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FanPost Friday: Why should someone be a Rockies fan?

Sell me this pen.

April is a magical time of year for the baseball fan. After months of going without the daily routine of your favorite team, you now get to see them everyday (if you so choose) playing the best game around. The fervor for the return is best seen in the parties thrown in metropolitan areas around stadiums across the country, how entire neighborhoods are shut down for what will be the first of 81 games in a year.

Imagine, if you will, you are talking with a coworker/stranger on a plane/random Facebook acquaintance in Croatia from your summer volunteering in the Balkans who noticed all the hullabaloo around the country and said to you, “You know, colleague, I am interested in following Major League Baseball this year. I am trying to decide which franchise should support. Do you have any suggestions?” Thus, this week’s FanPost Friday prompt:

How would you convince someone to be a fan of the Colorado Rockies?

Feel free to build the case however you like, but here are some ground rules: the person you are trying to convince has no geographical preferences (so “Because they’re your hometown team!” isn’t going to work), and no restrictions for following MLB teams (let’s say this person has Premium with no blackout restrictions). Since the Rockies seem to be the least hated franchise in baseball, perhaps you could build the case that way (points awarded for thoroughness).

Otherwise, feel free to make the case however you like! Is it the aesthetic things, like the uniforms or stadium experience, that grab you? Is the history so unique and compelling that someone should absolutely be a Rockies fan? Or is the future the best reason to follow the Rockies?

Write up a FanPost and include “FPF” in the title. Next week we’ll recap these and maybe post the best arguments on the front page!

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