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Rockies, MLB celebrate Jackie Robinson Day

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Rockies news and links for April 15, 2017

MLB stars on No. 42: What Jackie Robinson Day means to us | ESPN

Players from around the league discuss the importance of Jackie Robinson Day, where players will once again all wear number 42 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Robinson’s first game. Noting the lack of African American players currently in the league, ESPN talked to Adam Jones, Dexter Fowler, and others about this day and what it means in the context of current cultural issues.

Jackie Robinson: How It Was | Hardball Times

If there had been such a thing as trending topics in 1947, Joe Distelheim notes that Jackie Robinson’s debut might not have necessarily been one of them. Citing articles and clips from the news sources back then, Distelheim writes that Robinson breaking the color barrier wasn’t even the top baseball story of the day. That’s just one of a number of insightful tidbits in this piece.

A day to celebrate 42 across MLB |

Richard Justice also has a column about the importance of Jackie Robinson Day and what it means to players around the league.

Keri the 10: Marlins cat, the next Andrew Miller and more MLB observations | CBS Sports

Among Jonah Keri’s 10 observations about what is happening around baseball, he notes that Rockies’ closer Greg Holland might be the bargain of this past offseason. He also writes that Holland and the rest of the much-improved bullpen have this team in position to meet its potential, with the caveat that they must get healthy first.

Black ejected from the game |

In case you missed the clip of Bud Black getting ejected in Friday night’s loss, take a look. He finally earned his ejection by yelling the magic words. No, not those magic words. This time it was a simple “Let’s play baseball,” although presumably it’s not what he said, it’s how he said it.

And yes, this did give you an excuse to bash Walt Weiss for not getting ejected enough, if that’s your thing.