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Vote for the best nickname for the Colorado Rockies bullpen

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The fate of the Rockies bullpen is in your hands

Last week, we asked Rockies fans to helps us find the perfect nickname for the Colorado Rockies dominant bullpen. This nickname is important as it is one of the few things we can do to help ensure they continue to dominate hitters all season.

Since the last article, they’ve continued to impress, racking up quality innings and two more saves. While they did give up some runs in Friday night’s loss, those runs didn’t influence the outcome, so we will press forward with the attempt to give them an awesome nickname.

After receiving dozens of great suggestions in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter, the committee (whose identity will remain secret to protect them from attacks like this) narrowed down the selections to the top four, which we are now asking you to vote on.

Blake Street Bouncers

This suggestion by Benny Aragon on Facebook brings back memories of the Blake Street Bombers. Instead of hammering home runs, the Rockies bullpen is bouncing opponents onto Blake Street if they try to make a comeback late at night. Considering that most of the work the bullpen does it late at night, having some bouncers around, might keep Coors field a more orderly place

Mile High Heat

One of the original suggestions from the Purple Row Staff, this one is more descriptive of the stuff that the Rockies relievers possess. The Rockies have an endless supply of hard throwing relievers to keep opponents at check.

Purple Reign

This Prince themed suggestion came from Mike Stahl on Facebook. It is appropriate because the Rockies’ bullpen both controls the reins of late inning games and also reigns over opposing teams’ hitters.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

While this suggestion is listed last due to alphabetical rankings, it is far from the least. Purple Row commentator CORockFaithful came up with this beauty of a nickname which is both accurate in describing the Rockies bullpen and also has a very cool tie to the Denver area. Located inside of the Denver metro area, Rocky Mountain Arsenal is full of amazing animals, including bison, deer, ferrets, coyotes and over 280 species of birds. The site was designated as a national wild refuge in 1992, which also makes it almost the same age as the Rockies.

Now is your chance to help decide the future of the Rockies bullpen. Cast your vote and give them the perfect nickname.