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Answering important questions facing Colorado Rockies fans

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Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, April 19th

What is the new .300? How to translate last century's stats into the age of analytics |

As a kid collecting baseball cards, seeing that a batter hit .300 for a season or career used to be the standard that that player was a good hitter. Since then, sabermetrics have changed the face of baseball statistics and the standard has changed. Which then bring up the question, what exactly is the new standard? Sam Miller explores the options in this great article.

Rockies Mailbag: Greg Holland’s contract incentives, Trevor Story’s struggles, starting pitching and more | Denver Post

Patrick Saunders answered seven questions about the Colorado Rockies, including going in depth on Greg Holland's incentives, which he appears to be in line to max out after earning yet another save last night.

Rockies add Valaika, reinstate Parra |

The Rockies made another roster move prior to yesterday's game after making a roster move on their off day Monday. Pat Valiaka was the surprise addition replacing Raimel Tapia. The Rockies are now carrying three infielders, which means that Alexi Amarista or Cristhian Adames may be getting DFA'd when the Rockies decide they need another starting pitcher.

Umpires might get microphones to explain video reviews, and nothing can possiblie go wrong | SBNation

Before you point out the misspelled word in the title of this piece, you need to read the rest of the article. MLB is now considering having umpires explain decisions via microphone after instant replay decisions are made. While this might seem unnecessary at first, transparency is always a good thing when it comes to officiating. Knowing why those decisions are made when it appears to the fan that the decision is counter to the evidence they can see on their own TV's is good.