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Rockies offense starting to click

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Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rockies' DJ LeMahieu busts slump, proving how far he's come as a hitter | Denver Post

For those who thought that DJ LeMahieu's slow start was a signal that he had already peaked and was ready to decline—well, a 12-for-27 stretch can help quench those doubts.

Nolan Arenado homers twice in Rockies' win |

One of the fun things about getting to play near your hometown is you get to stop by and see the folks who helped you get to where you are. For Nolan Arenado, the extra practice time with his dad and high school coach may, in fact, have helped him garner his first two-homer game of 2017.

Nolan Arenado is Colorado’s King of Clutch | BSN Rockies

Drew Creasman gets in on the Nolan love, describing just how timely he has been so far this season. This is the fact that blew me away: "The Rockies have 10 wins and Arenado has 11 RBI all of which have mattered to the outcome. He has zero RBI in losses." I mean, I guess that's okay if he keeps this up, right?

Appreciating The Value of Chris Rusin | Roxpile

After he struggled in a starters role over the past two years, Chris Rusin was exiled to the bullpen. While that seemed like more of an exile than anything else, Kevin Henry of Roxpile shows just how valuable he's been thus far in 2017.

Is this who the Giants are? | McCovey Chronicles

Is the team’s poor record indicative of their performance so far? Seeing as the Giants visit Coors Field this weekend, Rockies fans are certainly hoping the answer to the question is: yup! The actual answer: maybe?

Quiz: Which MLB team is the Empire State Building reppin’? | Gaslamp Ball

On Tuesday, MLB tweeted out pictures of the Empire State Building representing each of the 30 teams with lights on its facade. Here’s a quiz to take to see if you can get them right. Have fun!

FanPost Friday: Why should someone be a Rockies fan? - Purple Row (Purple Row)

Just one day left to get your FanPost Friday submission in. Tell us why someone should be a fan of the Rockies, as many reasons as you can come up with. Surely "Not the Giants" can be one, right?