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FanPost Friday: Best interaction with a Rockies player?

Most of the time we’re not just rooting for laundry

One of the staples of’s or Cut4’s video rotations throughout the season is clips of fans, young and old, getting the chance to interact with players. There was this young fan who got to play catch with Mike Trout, or this kid who got pranked by an umpire.

Part of what makes us fans is the opportunity to interact with players. Thus, this week’s FanPost Friday prompt:

What is your favorite interaction with a current or former Rockie?

These are usually the best stories and create fans for life, so we want to hear them from this community. Was it in spring training, or perhaps during the Rockies caravan? Did you meet someone at a promotional appearance or did you show up early to a game for autographs? Did you happen to cross paths with this player out in the everyday world somehow? Tell us all about it!

Write up a FanPost and include “FPF” in the title. Next week we’ll recap these and maybe post the best stories on the front page!

Start your FanPost today!