FPF: Best Rockies Interaction

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

I always try to attend the last home game not just because of the giveaway (nope, I never get anything), but because of the atmosphere. It's a carnival sending off our team, and no matter if the season sucked or they lose that game, it's always packed with fans wanting to grab every last minute of Rockies baseball they can.

2014 was not exactly a good year for the Rockies, so seats behind the dugout on the second hand market were quite reasonably priced. I grabbed the first baseball I found on my way out the door, hoping to get some autographs, figuring the players might spend a bit more time signing since it was the last home game. A little background: it's difficult for me to get autographs because I am at the age where I'm invisible, I don't have a child with me, and apparently I look like a pro. Sigh. But I try anyway because they're unique and personal souvenirs, and I really don't need another cap or tshirt or tote bag.

So I'm down on the rail, squished among fans, careful not to squish the kids in front of me (I always let the kids in front, they're short!), and yes, players are coming out to sign. That was the year that Nolan Arenado was shut down for the end of the season due to pneumonia, but he was there, and out signing. And signing. And Holy Cow, it looks like he's going to get to where I'm standing!

Nolan is signing about two people in front of me when the national anthem is announced. He turns away, saying "I gotta go stand with the team, I'll be back once we're done." I admit, I don't quite believe him because we're just fans, and he's a player, and he's got bigger things on his mind.

But he does return - and mine is the second ball he signs. I still can't believe he really did come back, and he did sign for me. This is one of the many reasons I'm a Nolan fan for life - this was such a small thing, I'm sure he doesn't even remember it, but it was huge for me.

But that's only the first half of the story. After the game, I received the standard "Thanks for attending the game, if there's any feedback please email us" email from the Rockies. I'd sent feedback before, usually calling out something good that one of the staff did, because maybe if the front office hears about the good things, more good things will happen. So I wrote a short note to their feedback address, thanking the players for signing, and specifically mentioning how Nolan returned as he said he would. The most I hoped for was a canned response and that some Junior Marketing Assistant to the Marketing Subdirector would file it appropriately.

About a week later, I received email from Dick Montfort, thanking me for the feedback, stating that the guys try to be "good citizens", and saying that they hoped to play better in the future. I admit, my first response was "What the HECK? What is the CEO doing replying to some random fan feedback?", but I realized he probably needed to hear something positive too. You bet I've saved that email - it's another personal souvenir that means a lot.

The capper is the ball that Nolan signed, which was also signed by Justin Morneau, has a Texas Rangers logo on it. We have a lot of baseballs sitting around that we've picked up at garage sales and thrift stores just to play catch with. So nope, the ball will never be worth anything - except to me, a physical reminder of a terrific day.

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