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FanPost Friday recap: Interacting with Rockies players

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This week we had several stories of meeting the players behind the laundry

Welcome back to FanPost Friday! Last week we asked you about your experiences interacting with Rockies players, whether on or off the field. We received a lot more responses this week, but I am slightly disappointed we didn’t get a post about someone’s interactions outside the ballpark (though there was a brief comment before I remembered to close the comments). No matter: we still have plenty of great stories this week.

The first one is one that we posted on the front page about lone star auburn man’s chance to play autograph caddy for Neifi Perez when he was a kid. If you haven’t already you should read about his experience getting to ask a question on “The Don Baylor Show” (remember that show?) and his interactions with Neifi beforehand. And to lone star auburn man: hopefully you get to bring your wife to “the cathedral that is Coors Field” sometime soon!

Next, ColoradoZebo has a boatload of interactions in this post (including sharing the general “cute kid gets baseball by third base dugout” memory), but I am going to highlight the Matt Holliday story here. Why? Because I want, from now on, no matter where he goes, no matter what team he plays for, no matter what stadium he’s playing in, for Matt Holliday to hear from at least one Rockies fan what he heard from ColoradoZebo: "YOU TOUCHED THE PLATE!" Make it happen, Rockies fans. I believe in you.

Finally, most of us would just as soon forget the experiences of the 2014 Rockies season, but TropicalChrome relays a positive experience on Fan Appreciation Day of 2014. The dark side of fan interactions is we are often disappointed when we meet our favorite players. Fortunately for TropicalChrome, he was not disappointed with his interaction with Nolan Arenado. “This is one of the many reasons I'm a Nolan fan for life - this was such a small thing, I'm sure he doesn't even remember it, but it was huge for me.” Come for the Nolan story, stay for the Dick Monfort twist at the end.

Oh, and about those comments: we have another (quite humorous) Matt Holliday story as well as an interaction with Todd Helton at a Black Eyed Peas restaurant, so you can check those out on the original post.

Thanks again, everyone, for participating this week. Be on the lookout in the coming week as we seek some feedback on FanPosts and what we can do to better. FanPosts are, ostensibly, for you, the Purple Row community.

In the meantime, you can check out this week’s prompt, sort of a follow up tangentially inspired by lone star auburn man’s FanPost: who is your favorite terrible Rockies player? Write up your own FanPost. If you need any help writing your first FanPost, check out his quick guide from our sister site, Pinstripe Alley.