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Colorado Rockies are going to be okay, or so the Purple Dinosaur Podcast says

Jonah Keri joins the show to help assure us all it’ll be OK

Many people say the first 100 episodes of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast were greater than any first 100 episodes any other podcast has ever done. We've accomplished incredible, incredible things. Our next 100 episodes will be even greater, and it's going to be a spectacular, beautiful, tremendous achievement of love, people.

We kick off our second 100 with one of the best minds in baseball, Jonah Keri of CBS Sports and elsewhere. Jonah goes from talking to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his own podcast last week to talking to us two morons this week in what is likely the greatest discrepancy in podcast quality for one man in human history. Denver's favorite adoptive son tells us about how dreamy and cool Trudeau really is in person plus his thoughts on the possible future return of baseball to Montreal, early observations about the 2017 Rockies and more.

We're going a different route for our opponent preview this week. The Rockies hit the road to Arizona, and noted D-backs backer -- and future Mrs. Anthony Masterson -- Nicole Dimtsios joins the show to discuss her hometown team, their terrible song after wins, and why she doesn't think CarGo is the hottest Rockies player (it's in the hidden track).

That Nationals series never happened. Don't worry. They struck that one from the record. But we'll still talk you off the ledge from it.