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Colorado Rockies are back in first place, despite strange start

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Rockies news and links for April 29, 2017

The Colorado Rockies Are the Weirdest Team in Baseball - The Ringer

There are a number of ways to look at the way things have gone so far for the first place Rockies, and it’s probably not unfair to say it’s also been a little weird. Sure, it’s a good sign that the bullpen has mostly been great and that the team has overcome injuries. But, as Michael Baumann writes here, it hasn’t looked the way anybody would have guessed. In particular he notes how the team is currently outperforming it’s run differential, but there are signs they are the real deal anyhow.

Are the Rockies and Diamondbacks turning the NL West upside down? - ESPN

Jerry Crasnick takes a look at the seemingly upside down division and how the Rockies and Diamondbacks have been successful so far. He notes the hot starts from Arizona’s lineup and Colorado’s bullpen among other factors for the early success. Crasnick also points out the areas that might bite these teams later, with the Rockies especially needing to somehow get enough innings out of their young and beat up rotation.

Upbeat Bettis pays Rockies a visit -

This is great and Chad Bettis is great and we’re all still thinking of him.

Keri the 10: Dodgers are the new Yankees, Paxton’s rise and more MLB observations - CBS Sports

Jonah Keri writes about the upcoming dilemma for the Rockies when Ian Desmond returns this week. How bad will this signing look if Desmond is a worse option at first base and left field? There’s no way to know yet, and the depth might still be a net positive, but there are now even more reasons to cringe at that big free agent contract before Desmond even takes the field for the Rockies.

5 Key Stories: 4/22/16 - 4/28/17 - MLB Trade Rumors

Among the news in this roundup is a list with significant injuries. Yoenis Cespedes and Adam Eaton are noteworthy injuries in the National League, and yes, old friend Troy Tulowitzki is on the shelf once again with a leg injury.