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Colorado Rockies thoughts

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Rockies news and links for Sunday, April 30th 2017.

'Never nervous' Parra saves Rockies with grab |

Thomas Harding discussed Gerardo Parra’s ninth inning diving catch, which prevented the Arizona Diamondbacks from tying the score in yesterday’s game. I’ll admit that based on what I saw, I thought it was a good but not great catch because I thought Parra broke late. One of the nice things about Statcast and their new catch probability metrics is that they can track elements that might not be visible on the broadcast. Statcast rated the catch five stars based on its measured catch probability of 24 percent, just making the 25 percent cutoff required. While there have been many five star catches with lower probabilities, seeing metrics like that makes it easier for me to understand why it was a great catch.

Ian Desmond likely to make Rockies debut Sunday, in left field, not at first base | Denver Post

The rumor is that Ian Desmond, the Rockies prime offseason acquisition who has been recovering from a broken hand, may return to action on Sunday. Originally “the first baseman”, it appears he may start the game in left field due to the success offensively and defensively of Mark Reynolds. If Desmond is activated, it’s likely that Cristhian Adames is the odd man out on the Rockies bench thanks to Pat Valaika’s recent success and Amarista’s outfield versatility. If Adames is designated for assignment, his time with the Rockies may be over since it’s likely that another team will claim him.

Also, on the subject of injury recovery, Dahl took live batting practice and was a “little sore”, but he believes it was from a lack of activity.

Colorado Rockies: Is Pat Valaika This Year’s Daniel Descalso? | RoxPile

On the subject of Descalso, my argument when he was signed is that he’d probably probably provide the same production as the aforementioned Adames, except Adames would be a few million dollars cheaper. As we saw last season, injuries to Mark Reynolds, Trevor Story, Gerardo Parra and David Dahl required Descalso to play more than expected. Descalso performed admirably for the Rockies but I can’t help but wonder if we would’ve had a better idea on whether Adames’ bat was good or not if he got more than 343 major league plate appearances over four years. Meanwhile, if you play the “hot hand off the bench” theory as Kevin Henry from the RoxPile observed, Valaika has earned the right to stay.

Charlie Blackmon wants Bud Black on that mound, he needs Bud Black on that mound | BSN Denver

As accomplished as Black is, does a fifty-nine year old crafty lefty really help today’s major league hitters hit better? It’s surely possible. Blackmon seems to think so, which means what I think... oh I don’t know. Where’s my bat? I think better with my bat.