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Rockies’ front office ranked 19th in MLB, according to fan survey

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MLB Daily Dish’s annual survey revealed a lot of optimism

General manager Jeff Bridich and the Rockies front office were rated 19th among the 30 MLB teams. The survey was conducted by MLB Daily Dish, who runs the semi-annual survey to determine how fans feel about their favorite team’s general manager and front office. Over 3,500 people responded to this year’s survey. Front offices were rated on a five point scale and results were averaged to get a composite score. The Rockies were given a composite score of 3.77.

The question fans were responding to was “How confident are you in your General Manager and his front office team? (Very confident, confident, neither confident nor unconfident, unconfident, very unconfident)” This means that the score of 3.77 puts Rockies fans closer to the “confident” side of “neither confident nor unconfident” scale.

Fans were invited to explain their rankings and MLB Daily Dish selected one to include with the published results.

Colorado Rockies – Jeff Bridich

Mean: 3.77

“I believe Bridich is a great evaluator of minor league and youth level talent. He scouted and was heavily involved in drafting/trading for many of our young studs that have come up in recent years (and are still coming up). Good example of this is the German Marquez trade. Only reason I can't say I'm confident is many of his major league pick ups haven't been stellar. People like Chad Qualls, Gerrado Parra, Jason Motte, and Jake McGee really stand out to me. Hopefully Desmond, Dunn, and Holland can prove him right this time. So far, the MLB players he has signed so far have all ben subpar. For that reason, I can not say I am confident in him yet. But his great minor league/college/high school eye is good enough to just give him a 3 on your scale.” - Anonymous

The beginning of spring training is a time for optimism. That it’s cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true (even the Padres have reasons to be happy that baseball has returned). This apparently extends to how fans rate their front offices, as the mean composite score for the survey was 4.08. So while the Rockies did receive a decent score from their fans, unfortunately for Jeff Bridich and company, 18 other fan bases are a lot more optimistic than the Rockies’.

What do you think? Do you think this accurately represent your confidence in the front office?


How accurate do you think MLB Daily Dish’s 3.77 composite score is for the front office?

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