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Colorado Rockies picked as a surprise playoff team again

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Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, April 5

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Why the Colorado Rockies will be baseball's surprise team in 2017 | Sports Illustrated

At some point we will run out of writers willing to call the Rockies a sleeper or surprise team for 2017. That time has not yet arrived, so here’s an excellent piece from Tom Verducci calling the Rockies his surprise playoff team. A new manager, young fireballers and a lineup filled with hitters in their prime has Verducci ready to jump on the Rockies bandwagon.

Adversity testing Rockies' homegrown plan |

The Rockies have already experienced their fair share of injuries this year. Thankfully, the Rockies built some depth into their roster this past offseason and the early returns on that depth has been extremely positive. Mark Reynolds and Gerardo Parra have been the Rockies top two hitters through the first two games of the season while filling in for the injured David Dahl and Ian Desmond.

Rockies catcher Tony Wolters working to hone skills behind plate | Denver Post

It’s easy to forget how inexperienced Tony Wolters is at catching due to his amazing ability frame pitching. Under the tutelage of Mike Redmond, Wolters is poised to show considerable growth as a catcher this year.

About All These Velocity Spikes | FanGraphs

If you were curious how everyone was throwing harder than before, we may now have an answer. The continued evolution of Statcast and PITCHf/x is the reason. The speed is being taken directly from the release point as opposed to a few feet afterwards.

2017 Opening Day Breakfast | Purple Row

If you are going to be in Denver for the home opener and haven’t bought your tickets yet to the breakfast, time and tickets are running out. Ryan Spilborghs and Jerry Schemmel headline a great group of knowledgeable people, including Purple Row boss Bryan Kilpatrick and BSN Rockies’ Drew Creasman, who will be there to talk Rockies baseball.

FanPost Friday: Opening Day memories | Purple Row

With Opening Day behind us, and the home opener quickly approaching now is a great time to share your memories and experiences of Opening Days of the past.