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Rockies producing major league talent across the majors

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Colorado Rockies news and notes for Thursday, April 6, 2017

The List: Rangers, Diamondbacks Lead Way In Producing Big Leaguers | Baseball America

One way to determine the success of a farm system is to see how well they produce major league players. What Baseball America has done here is to count all the players on Opening Day rosters and how many were drafted and signed by each organization. It’s sort of a blunt instrument—superstars count the same as a fringe reliever—but it is still helpful in painting the picture of which teams are able to find and develop quality players. The Rockies came in ninth in drafting and developing major leaguers, while they were tied for 13th in international signees.

Top 10 Teams Overflowing With Young Talent | Baseball America

As a brief supplement to their farm system rankings, BA listed teams based on their assets at the major league level as well. The Rockies came in at eighth overall after finishing tenth in the publication’s farm rankings on the back of a young core that includes Trevor Story (24 years old), Jon Gray (25), and David Dahl (23). Though, they don’t mention the Rockies’ best player.

Colorado Rockies Top 25 Under 25: Complete list and final reveal | BSN Rockies

Speaking of young talent, BSN has come to the conclusion of their Top 25 Under 25 list, using similar criteria as the BA list. BSN didn’t make the same mistake Baseball America did, as they placed 25-year-old Nolan Arenado at the top of the list. They have the full list, though Miguel Castro, who came in at No. 16, has since been DFA’d.

Mother Nature prepares warm-up for Rockies home opener at Coors Field | Denver Post

Who’s excited for the home opener tomorrow? Looks like it’ll be a great opportunity to make a memory. Speaking of memories...

FanPost Friday: Opening Day memories

We want to hear your favorite memories from Opening Day’s past. These can be stories of home openers or the first game’s of the season. Whether you attended the games in person, participated at a local watering hole, or had your own personal watch party, tell us about your favorite Opening Day experiences.