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FanPost Friday: Best/Worst case scenarios for the 2017 Rockies

Or, Giving You Permission to Overreact to Small Sample Sizes

Congratulations to everyone for making to another baseball season. Wasn’t that great watching games this week? Aren’t you excited for the home opener later this afternoon? It’s sure swell to have Rockies baseball back.

One of the symptoms of getting baseball back is we, as fans, tend to overreact to things, both in positive and negative ways. Usually you see the caveat of “SMALL SAMPLE SIZES!!!!!1!!” trotted out about this time. But sometimes that’s decidedly less fun. This week for FanPost Friday, we want you to suppress the SSS twitch and speculate wildly.

What is the best (or worst) case scenario for the 2017 Colorado Rockies?

You answer to this question can be based solely off the results in Milwaukee, or you can extrapolate from spring training stats, or you can take a realistic approach (if you must). The important thing here is to paint the picture for us of what this utopia/hellscape will look like and how will we get there. Don’t just say “Everybody gets hurt and we lose 152 games,” or “Everybody becomes Mike Trout/Clayton Kershaw and we win 152 games.” Flesh it out for us; it’s more fun for everybody that way.

Don’t feel like you have to get too fantastic here, either; realistic best/worst case scenarios will be fun and interesting. What happens if Jeff Hoffman reaches his potential and breaks into the rotation? What if David Dahl never makes it to 100%? If Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu reach or exceed their career-best 2016 levels, where will the Rockies be?

So let free your inner eternal optimist/fatalistic pessimist/grounded realist (or both!). Write up a FanPost and include “FPF” in the title. Next week, once we’ve completed a full 6.7% of the season, we’ll recap these flights of fancy/dread/realism.

Start your FanPost today!

Unfortunately, amid the chaos and excitement of the start of a new season, it seems we did not have any responses to the previous week’s FanPost Friday prompt. If you’d still like to write up a FanPost on your favorite Opening Day memories, please feel free to do so and we’ll include them in next week’s recap.