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FanPost Friday: Baseball with mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day this week, share with us your favorite baseball memory with dear ol’ mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and MLB has made a push in recent years to highlight this holiday weekend by releasing special Mother’s Day uniforms. We’d like to do the same. This week’s FanPost Friday prompt is a very simple one:

What is your favorite baseball-related memory with your mom?

Many people share stories a plenty about learning baseball from dad. But I’d venture to say there are just as many stories about mom: learning how to keep score, going to games, playing catch, yelling at the TV, teaching us to become Rockies fans, so on and so forth. This week, tell us your favorite baseball memories you have with your mom.

Write up a FanPost and share the stories. We’ve been gathering feedback about FanPosts from y’all all week, and we think this would be a great prompt to start putting some of those recommendations into practice. Read (and REC!) other posts and we’ll do things like post them into the Rockpiles, and gather the top rec’d posts into a section on the homepage. And, of course, we’ll round up all the responses in next Friday’s recap.

(If you’ve never written a FanPost, check out this handy guide from our friends at Grizzly Bear Blues on how to write a good FanPost.)

Start your FanPost today!