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Colorado Rockies enjoying success of rookie pitchers

Rockies news and links for May 13, 2017

Keri the 10: The Rockies can pitch, a new unlikely hero and more MLB observations | CBS Sports

We all knew there was legitimate hope to be had about the stable of young pitchers in the Rockies organization. We didn’t know that we would see a stretch of such great success from them so soon, though. Jonah Keri discusses the rookie pitchers for the Rockies and how they have helped drive the team to their hot start.

MLB’s 5 most surprising teams, ranked by their chances to contend | Fox Sports

The young rotation that has been so fun to this point might also remain the number one reason that things could go sideways for the Rockies as the season wears on. Chris Bahr discusses that as one of the factors for how well they can contend when we get to the end of the season.

If the Giants want to match last year’s win total, here’s what they have to do | McCovey Chronicles

The hot start for the Rockies has been mirrored by the misery for the San Francisco Giants, something that might be even more surprising. Grant Bisbee takes a look at just how deep a hole they have dug for themselves, something that is not insignificant for the outlook for the Rockies.

Colorado Rockies on pace for all-time low in stolen bases | Rox Pile

It might not feel that way with each baserunning blunder we have seen yet again, but the Rockies are at least taking a more conservative approach with stolen base attempts. Kevin Henry digs into the issue and looks at the numbers so far.