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LaTroy Hawkins, Tommy Kahnle got into fight while with the Rockies

Well, this is a new development

LaTroy Hawkins was about as all-business as one could be during his time as a major leaguer. The 21-year veteran never got himself into trouble with anything he said to the media or anything he did on the field.

Now that Hawkins is retired, though, he’s not having much of a problem spilling the beans about behind-the-scenes happenings from his playing days. Not long ago, Hawkins said during a Root Sports Twitter takeover that current Chicago White Sox reliever Tommy Kahnle was the most unprofessional player he ever encountered. LaTroy doubled down on that on Tuesday during his debut as a Minnesota Twins analyst for Fox Sports North:

Kahnle and Hawkins were teammates with the Colorado Rockies during the former’s rookie season in 2014 as well as the following year. At some point during that first season, the two got into a fight, according to Hawkins. He didn’t specify whether it was a physical altercation, but LaTroy doesn’t seem like the type to address a situation like that if it was simply an argument.

The Rockies eventually traded Hawkins to the Toronto Blue Jays in the Troy Tulowitzki deal in 2015 and dealt Kahnle to the White Sox later that year.

Considering how many people—players or otherwise—likely know about this but were sworn to secrecy, don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we hear of it now that some details are out in the open.