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Colorado Rockies call up Carlos Estevez as 26th man for doubleheader

Estevez will be available for the second game only

The Colorado Rockies have called up Carlos Estévez from Triple-A Albuquerque to serve as the 26th man for today’s doubleheader against the Minnesota Twins. Patrick Saunders and Thomas Harding both reported that he had already arrived at the stadium before the morning game. However, because the doubleheader was scheduled lass than 48 hours in advance, he will only be active and available for the second game.

Estévez started the season on the Rockies active roster before being optioned to Triple-A on May 3 after struggling through a few rough games. At the time of his demotion he had a 7.94 ERA though 7 of the 10 runs he had allowed were in one game against the Washington Nationals.

Before being sent down, Estévez pitched 11 13 innings in 13 games and struck out 10 batters while walking 4. For the Isotopes, he’s appeared in 5 games and pitched 5 23 innings. He’s also struck out 4 and walked 3.

There is a chance that Estévez could remain with the team after tonight’s game if the team decides to remove someone else from the active roster instead. The move before tomorrow’s game to get back down to 25 does not have to include Estévez.