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Rockies vs. Reds 2017: Facebook live streaming MLB games starts Friday

We had the NFL streaming games on Twitter last fall, now MLB games will be live on a Facebook stream.

Not going to be at home to watch the Colorado Rockies open their series against the Cincinnati Reds? Are you an out-of-town Rockies fan who doesn’t have an subscription or you do but you’re in that needless blackout area? At least for today you have another option—one without any blackouts!

Facebook’s agreement with Major League Baseball to live stream games starts with the Rockies-Reds series opener on Friday. This is the first of 20 games the social network will air in 2017.

Facebook will be using participating local feeds to stream games this season, which most likely means we’ll be getting the home team feed. And if that is true for tomorrow’s game, ugh, you’ll have to suffer through the Reds’ broadcast team—unless you keep the feed on mute. Hey, that’s probably a good idea!

Apparently there won’t be commercials during the live stream, according to the article linked above. That’ll likely change if the games draw decent numbers early on. Always be monetizing.