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The Colorado Rockies are real good and Jeff Hoffman is the real deal

Colorado Rockies news, notes and links for Wednesday, May 24

Real or not? Jeff Hoffman is real deal, Brett Gardner an All-Star - SweetSpot- ESPN

Jeff Hoffman impressed far more than just Rockies fans with his dominating performance on Monday night. He caught the eye of a lot of baseball people and re-established his place among the best pitching prospects in baseball. While the Rockies chose to option him again rather than shake up the current rotation, the depth he provides in Triple-A is the best that the Rockies have ever had.

The Rockies bullpen is quickly becoming in need of some fine-tuning |

Despite the sparkling record, there have been a few flaws in the Rockies. The biggest of them may be the soft underbelly of the bullpen. Jordan Lyles and Chad Qualls have struggled the most, and Scott Oberg and Mike Dunn have also had some bad outings. I'm not as worried about the latter two as this article is. They've had a few bad outings but the underlying peripherals are good. They're mostly victim of early season sample size distorting their overall performance. Lyles and Qualls on the other hand have just been bad. While it's nice to figure out ways to replace them, if a team's biggest weakness are their seventh and eighth bullpen arms then they are doing something right.

Trevor Story returns to Rockies; Bud Black not concerned about juggling playing time – The Denver Post

The Rockies have lots of good problems right now. They have more starting pitching than rotation spots available, and that's not even counting Jon Gray who should be returning next month. Trevor Story's return makes the Rockies bench deeper no matter how you look at it.

There's also a note on CarGo starting to heat up. With the Rockies already running hot, the prospect of adding a hot CarGo mix should make the Rockies future opponents contemplate forfeiting.

MLB Power Rankings: It's time to start taking the Rockies seriously : Fox Sports

Now if they could just pass the message along to the rest of the national media that does power rankings.

Colorado Rockies Off to Historically Good Start in 2017 | Bleacher Report

The Rockies are now 30-17 after taking care of business last night against the Phillies. While good starts don't always lead to playoff appearances, they sure help. The Rockies only need to play roughly .500 at this point to end the season with 87-88 wins.

Trevor Story is back, Jeff Hoffman sent down but why no changes in the bullpen? | BSNDenver

Drew looks at the idea that Hoffman may be able to fix the Rockies bullpen by replacing Lyles or Qualls and rightfully discounts it. Hoffman should be in the rotation, not the bullpen. However, Hoffman could still be the key piece that allows the Rockies to fix the middle-relief situation while still ending up in the rotation if the Rockies instead move a struggling Tyler Chatwood to the bullpen, making room for Hoffman and relieving either Qualls or Lyles of his duties.