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Rockies odds to win 2017 World Series continue to improve

Hop on board the hype train

The Colorado Rockies are just over a month into the season and that means Las Vegas is updated their various prop bets for the 2017 season. Teams that seemed likely to go to the playoffs in the offseason who are struggling are going to get longer odds, and teams that weren’t so favored are now getting better odds. Below here are the updated figures from Bovada for the 2017 World Series, placed next to the odds from their last release at the end of March.

Red text means the odds have gotten worse, blue text means the odds have gotten better
Source: Bovada

A lot of teams that are off to hot starts have seen their odds increase while others—looking at you Royals and Braves—are now no longer considered good bets. As we note every time, it’s best to view these not so much as predictions as how oddsmakers expect the public to react to the start of the season.

The teams that have see their odds improve the most? Look no further than our hometown Rockies, who have gone from 40/1 before the season to 25/1 today. The Arizona Diamondbacks (75/1 to 28/1) saw a bigger increase, but they’re still a little behind the Rockies. At this rate, Rockies fans should make sure their calendars are cleared for October/November.

Bovada also released odds for various other prop bets related to the Rockies. Their odds to win the NL Pennant have gone from 22/1 (eighth best) to 12/1 (fifth best), a marked improvement that still puts them behind the Mets. Their odds for the NL West have gone from 9/1 to 5/2, leapfrogging the Giants (11/4 to 14/1).

Nolan Arenado’s odds to win the NL Most Valuable Player have gone down a bit, from 7/1 in March to 12/1 today. Part of that is due to his not-otherworldly-good start, as well as hot starts from Ryan Zimmerman (15/2 odds) and Freddie Freeman (7/2 odds, up from 14/1). Bryce Harper, who opened at 3/1 odds and remains there, is currently the favorite. Charlie Blackmon’s hot start, however, have risen his MVP odds from 100/1 to 66/1—still a long shot, but, you know, less so.

The strong start from Antonio Senzatela has earned him some love from the oddsmakers, as he is now a 33/1 favorite to win the NL Cy Young. He’s 20th on the list of pitchers, but, hey, he wasn’t even considered for the rotation when the odds first came out. However, new closer Greg Holland is listed 11th on the list at 25/1 odds.

Which bets do you think you’d take? Which ones are you steering clear from? How do you think these will change as the season progresses? Let us know in the comments below.