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FanPost Friday: Coors Field visitor’s guide

Let’s give all the recommendations new visitors need on Coors Field

Anyone who lives in/near Denver knows that the city has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance over the past several years. The population is booming, construction is everywhere, and, with it, tourism is expanding. On Thursday, the Denver Post website had this article about how the Colorado Tourism office is trying to spread those tourism dollars throughout the state by offering sort of “off the beaten path” guides. This got me thinking: do such guides exist for (what should be) one of the primary tourist attractions in Denver, seeing a Rockies game at Coors Field?

Every year, people spend the summer traveling to new cities and baseball stadiums and, every year, there are at least a few folks who come to Purple Row looking for recommendations on how to make the most of their experience at Coors Field. So, in the spirit of our Spring Training Guide back in March:

What recommendations, advice, stories, experiences, tips, or tricks do you have to offer to help people to make the most out of their trips to Coors Field?

Treat this like you’re offering recommendations to folks who have never—or rarely—been to Coors Field (like this person!). When and where you buy tickets (and get the best deals)? Where is the best place to sit? Where do you eat/drink inside the ballpark? Where do you go to consume food or imbibe beverages outside the ballpark? What other activities do you enjoy in the Coors Field area?

Write up a FanPost and share with us your wisdom. It could be a bulleted list, it could be broken down by sections, or it could be just that one thing everyone needs to know about Coors Field. We’ll gather all the recommendations we have into one recap post next Friday. If you have a fairly comprehensive visitor’s guide, we’ll post it on the Front Page next week.

With your help we can make this a great reference post for people for years to come!

(If you’ve never written a FanPost, check out this handy guide from our friends at Pinstripe Alley on how to write a good FanPost.)

Start your FanPost today!

Earlier this week ryan_tarletsky told us about his irrational admiration for Luis A. Gonzalez. We enjoyed it so much we ended up putting it on the front page earlier this week rather than wait until today to post it in the recap. It turned out that was the lone submission anyway! If you like, use his article to tell us more about the Rockies players, past or present, that you irrationally love.