My guide to Coors Field

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My brief guide to attending a game at Coors Field

Over the last 20 years, especially the last 5, I have attended many games at Coors. I have sat in probably every ticket option of the stadium from the Rockpile to the Coors Clubhouse to the section that is located under the manual scoreboard in right field. I haven't tried all the food so this report may be lacking in that department.

Most expensive seats in the stadium: Coors Clubhouse. These tickets go for $250 a pop but you get a lot of frills with them. I was lucky enough to sit here for a game against the Giants many years ago. My college roomate's friend had season tickets in this section (kid comes from a loaded family) and had four available for this game. These tickets are the first five rows behind homeplate in between each dugout. That private tunnel you see behind home plate leads back into a dinning room with a full buffet of deliciousness including salmon and prime rib that is complementary with your ticket. You also get free food at your seats including cups of M&Ms. Our seats were directly next to the Giants dugout so Barry Bonds was about 3 feet away from us when he was in the on-deck circle. It was pretty cool. Also local Colorado celebrity Dealin Doug is often sitting in this section. So you can get a front row seat to admiring his bling.

The Rockpile tickets go for $5 I think? I haven't sat there in a couple years. For the price they offer a surprisingly great view. You can see pretty much the entire field and you're straight behind home plate so you can track the strike zone if you have good enough eyes or a set of binoculars. I paid $90 to sit in the Rockpile for game 4 of the NLCS in 2007 and it was worth every penny.

The Party Deck is a pretty fun area if you want to hang with friends, drink beer, and not watch baseball. Whenever I have gone up there with people I end up hardly watching the game. Those tickets are like $13 but they come with a $6 food/beverage coupon. There is a bar up there that offers something like 30 different beers on tap so if you like micro brews that is a great place to visit.

My favorite place to sit are sections 331-333. It's upper deck but immediately behind home plate. I haven't been this year but in years past you could get a seat there for $14 from King Soopers. Fantastic deal. You can easily watch the balls and strikes and have a great view of the whole field. Plus if it starts to rain you can move up a couple rows and get under the overhang.

I mentioned that I don't really know the food scene all that well. The reason is that Coors lets you bring in your own food to the game. I like to hit up Joel the hotdog guy (I assume he's still there as I haven't been this year yet) who has a street cart setup at 19th and Waze. For $5 you get a brat, a bag of chips, and a drink all of which you can carry into the game (just dont open the drink until you get in the stadium). Inside that would run you like $20. I will give a shout out to the Tornados. They're these soft pretzel things covered in cinnamon and sugar that are delicious.

That's my guide. My only other word of advice is if its Bobblehead giveaway day make sure to get there extra early. I rarely make it in much earlier than first pitch so I have yet to get a bobblehead.

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